While our world navigates this strange situation we are living through, we wanted to reach out, connect and express our sincere well wishes to you all during this challenging and time in our industry and in the lives of ourselves and our loved ones. As the world tries to move through this crisis, a few countries within the Pacific region were hit with a devastating tropical cyclone, Harold. To read more about this and make a small donation towards the emergency fund; please read here:

To donate:

Personally, recently some may know, we had embarked on a tour to the UK and Europe to market our incredible destinations and products just as the crisis hit Europe hard. We were forced to cancel and return to Australia with only having two meetings complete (thank you to Australiaresier, Norway and Trackers, Sweden) We plan to resume our journey once things return to some normality and it is safe and wise to do so. In the meantime we have been enjoying some of the creative armchair travel series you have all been putting out there on social media!

We have been pondering what we can do to add value during this time whilst we are all in self-isolation and working from home. Firstly, we would love to connect with you and offer a personal webinar on our product offerings at a time when it suits you. Brew a coffee, or pour a glass of wine, and let us know when suits you and we will arrange an online chat on whatever format suits. If you are interested please drop us an email: nathan@oceaniaexpeditions.com.au

We will also use the time to plan, curate and create. We’ll be dreaming up more mind-blowing travel ideas in this spectacular and largely untouched region and look forward to working with you all to bounce back bigger, better and brighter than ever when circumstances permit.

In the interim please keep healthy, safe and well. We are all in this together.
Here is a small message of hope from one of our wonderful Papua New Guinean guides, Raymond;

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”

Albert Einstein

south pacific travel specialist

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