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New Caledonia offers unexpected sophistication with a great mix of relaxation and adrenalin. Very few people could quickly and easily put their finger on the map to point out Nouvelle Caledonie. Like other French jewels in the South Seas, New Caledonia is still administered from far away Paris. While it retains the virtues of French sophistication, the impacts of tourism here are more understated than in Tahiti. 

With gorgeous beaches, splendid mountain ranges and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoon (the largest on Earth), New Caledonia is the most developed of all the Melanesian countries. French laws, language and infrastructure nurture a sense of sophistication and elegance unique to the South Pacific, enhanced by the rich culture and timeless traditions of the indigenous Kanak people (approx. 40% of national population). 

New Caledonia’s main drawcard is its abundant natural offerings. These islands have one of the highest rates of endemism (native species of flora and fauna) in the world. Ancient birds and reptiles live in primeval forests surrounded by insectivorous plants. New Caledonian seas are abound with whales, dolphins, manta rays and turtles while the lagoons teem with tropical fish.

Gastronomical experiences are endless as you indulge your senses with refined French dining in Noumea ,or participate the in Kanak food culture by learning how to make ‘bougna’, a favourite of the locals. New Caledonia is absolute heaven for seafood lovers with an astounding variety of fresh produce on offer. 

Honeymoon Heaven

Soak up the tropical atmosphere on one of the beautiful secluded beaches. Take in the sunset from your private yacht overlooking the Loyalty Islands. Take a horse back ride the rolling golden-hued hilltops of Deva Domain and watch the setting sun. Create a memorable marriage proposal that will be recounted in the years to come – fly over the Heart of Voh, a naturally formed heart in the mangroves at the edge of a lagoon on a private charter flight with the champagne ready to flow in celebration.

We are Sailing

Gorgeous islands are scattered amongst sparkling lagoons of blue-green. This is the Riviera of the Pacific. Cruise the azure waters from your privately chartered catamaran around the world-renowned Isle of Pines and along the rugged South Coast gives you true freedom and access to isolated coves. This is the ultimate way to experience this picture-perfect paradise. Our charter options are tailored to your taste and interest. Speak to us about the addition of a dedicated private chef to be part of your crew, serving you with delectable restaurant quality cuisine and presentation throughout your cruise. 

Perhaps you are interested in a private dive charter? We work with the best dive guides in New Caledonia with unsurpassed local knowledge to ensure you have the ultimate underwater experience across a variety of dive sites in New Caledonia.   

Cowboy Country

Travel north-west up the so called ‘spine’ of New Caledonia, known as Grand Terre, to Bourail, a secluded valley in the cattle ranching area of New Caledonia, where the local cowboys – known as ‘caldoche’ reign supreme.  This region is known for its spectacular natural beauty. Hike, mountain bike or horseback ride through the rolling hills on the 3 Bays Track, with a gorgeous view overlooking the lagoon of Bourail. Venture into Bourail’s bays and visit Caldoche properties, then have a sunset dinner and cocktails as the sun sets over the sea. Try a round of golf or two at the Sheraton golf course on Deva Domain Estate. 

Kanak Culture

Kone lets you experience the local Kanak cultures with a traditional lunch and explanation of the customary and contemporary lives of the modern Kanak peoples. Foué, is where the Lapita archeological site unveiled the “Koné tradition” pottery to the world often referred to as ‘Lapita pottery’. While this pottery is featured across the South Pacific, New Caledonia is where the migratory route of the Lapita was first recognised. The Koné-Tiwaka road connects the East and West regions. It is a popular drive due to the sheer variety of landscapes you encounter with striking vistas, lush swimming holes and beautiful streams. The road snakes through the mountain range dissected by rivers and flanked by the country’s largest pine forest, covering over 3,000 hectares.

The Great Outdoors

The Great South is a marvel of ancient sites to behold. The contrast of the red earth, rich in iron ore, with sparse greenery fighting for survival, and the blue hues of river and sky are a sight to behold. You will truly feel like you are experiencing life on another planet! This is a region of vast wilderness and landscapes that are fantastic for hiking, such as the botanical walking areas around Madeleine Falls. You’ll see early convict settlements and Kanak villages where traditional lifestyles are still to be found. Visit Yaté Dam, and take a walk down to the stunning water holes to swim in the clear waters. Enjoy lunch in a local ‘Gite’ by the seafront, with the chance then enjoy an afternoon swim. Take a leisurely hike in the Blue River Provincial Park or the Giant Ferns park, see ancient protected flora and fauna species. 

What else can I do in New Caledonia?

  • Fly in ultralight aircraft over the Heart of Voh and the Blue Hole
  • Sea Kayaking around Hienghene
  • Botanical walk at Madeleine Falls
  • Spot a Cagu at Blue River and dodge a Sea Krait on land at Amedee Island
  • Savour the sights of the stunning Isle of Pines
  • Cruise the South lagoon in a Catamaran
  • Sail by Catamaran from New Caledonia to the Loyalty Islands.
  • Go mustering cattle, Caldoche style near Bourail.
  • Take a picnic lunch at Tjibaou Cultural centre.
  • Horse riding 
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Hiking

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