Classic design paired with eco-conscious beauty 

Oceania Expeditions are proud to partner with Sequoia for guests to discover the aquatic treasures of the Coral Triangle, the Earth’s richest reefs. What better way to explore this precious remote region aboard the stunning and unique sailing yacht Sequoia? Imagine swimming alongside whale sharks, stingless jellyfish, colorful soft coral and thousands of reef fish, as well as hiking the Pacific Ring of Fire without crowds of people around you?

Built in 2017, 26m (86 feet) Sequoia is a modern interpretation of a classic Indonesian yacht built with sustainability in mind. From the John Deere engine to the Doyle sail, all installed components are rated at the lowest level of emissions per US Environmental Protection Agency guidelines. This advanced technology translates to a safer, more sustainable and more comfortable journey. 

Designed with an emphasis on space, privacy and comfort, Sequoia features three generous bedroom suites featuring sophisticated design, luxurious fixtures and Egyptian linen surrounded by ocean views. There is an intimate lounge room, a spacious sky deck, and plenty of cosy areas to take in your breathtaking surrounds in comfort. Every detail has been handcrafted by local artisans, and/or handpicked with sustainability in mind. Sequoia prides itself in being free of single-use plastic or palm oil based products.

There is immense cultural diversity within this enormous Archipelago, known as “Nusantara” which is represented by their 10 family-friendly crew members, including a world class private chef and cruise manager. From serving the best in fresh local cuisine and exotic drinks with the finest locally sourced seasonal ingredients to supporting local communities, you will connect to the true spirit of your surroundings.

Any time you disembark from Sequoia, whether it is for scuba diving, snorkelling, bird watching, hiking, culture immersion and adventure, it allows you time to pause, observe, and learn about wildlife and wonder in the diversity of nature’s bounty in this unique region. By the end of your Sequoia experience, you will feel reconnected with your family, your friends and with yourself and your sense of place on this beautiful planet. Take advantage of complimentary scuba dive courses onboard that will change your perspective of the world forever as you discover life below the surface. 

We have very few wildlife ecosystems left. Sustainable lodging, locally grown food sourcing, burning less fossil fuel are ways each of us can adapt to slow down the rate of global warming. Sequoia aims to explore remote reefs at the edge of the world with the most spectacular marine life to be seen while keeping their footprint light.

Sequoia is available for private charter across West Papua including Raja Ampat, Misool, Asmat, Triton Bay and Kaimana. It is additionally available in other regions of East Indonesia, including Sulawasi, the Moluccas Islands, Solor Alor, Sumbawa, Komodo and the Lesser Sunda Islands. Oceania Expeditions will tailor a magical experience together with Sequoia, designed just for you. 

Main Features:

  • 10 crew members, including cruise manager
  • Completely private charter for your use only
  • Dive centre for 9 guests and qualified divemaster/instructor to teach PADI certification 
  • World-class chef serving the finest international cuisine with rates fully inclusive of meals and beverages.
  • Extensive selection of water toys (kayaks, SUPs, tubing,water skiing) and two speed boats included in the charter rate.
  • Specialist local knowledge
  • Outdoor cinema for movies under the stars
  • Great for families or a group of friends
  • Environmentally-friendly, without ‘one-time-use’ plastics
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