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Embark on a journey to the heart of Papua New Guinea, where the world’s third-largest tropical rainforest thrives in raw, unbridled majesty. Imagine wandering through a living mosaic of 11,000 vascular plant species, alongside 200 varieties of ferns and an astounding 1,200 types of trees, each one narrating its own silent, ancient story. This is a realm where over half of its leafy inhabitants are found nowhere else on Earth, uniquely cradled within the embrace of PNG.

Prepare to traverse through Papua New Guinea’s five distinct ecoregions, each a unique universe unto itself. From the tangled webs of lowland mangrove forests to the sprawling savannah-style grasslands, from the dense, whispering heart of near-impenetrable rainforests to the majestic mountain peaks piercing the sky, this is not just a journey—it’s an odyssey into the very essence of biodiversity and natural splendour.

Oceania Expeditions is more than a travel company; it’s your gateway to the raw, untouched beauty of Papua New Guinea’s wild frontier, offering paths less travelled and experiences beyond the ordinary. Prepare to venture off the beaten track and immerse yourself in the pure essence of exploration and discovery.

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