Journey to a Lost World

Bosavi Crater, a Lost Paradise

Oceania Expeditions in conjunction with Blue Marble Private

Imagine a universe unto itself, barely touched by the outside world. A land of waterfalls and jungle, where evolution has occurred independently leading to a high concentration of endemic species found nowhere else on the planet. A place where animals haven’t learnt to fear encounters with humans. Welcome to Bosavi Crater, in the remote Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Bosavi Crater is so isolated and remote, it wasn’t until 2009 that a team of scientists were able to access the inside of the crater accompanied by a BBC film crew. This expedition became the documentary series ‘Lost Land of the Volcano’. Now, Oceania Expeditions in conjunction with Blue Marble Private offers you the opportunity to be among the pioneering group of eco-tourists to explore inside Bosavi Crater. This is the first helicopter supplied expedition into the crater since Lost Land of the Volcano, making it only the second of all time.

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