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I wanted to say a massive thank you for what can only be described as the holiday of a lifetime. We are all still dreaming of our days gliding down the Sepik and our mornings doing the most spectacular diving. You were such a fantastic guide throughout and we cannot thank you enough for the hard work and energy you put into making this the trip that it was.”

Tom W – Private Adventure clients UK

Nathan organized our epic trip across Milne Bay and into the Solomon Sea.  It was a transformational 10 days, slowly disconnecting from the ‘real world’ and immersing into mystical PNG.  Each day further away from 4G signals, and deeper into this region’s still relatively pristine blue ocean. We explored everything from uninhabited islands to bustling villages.  Our tank dives around the Conflict Islands were lush with coral and interesting sea life. Our free dives into WWII wrecks, including a submerged Japanese prop fighter, were surreal.  The list of adventures and experiences goes on and on, from local displays of culture including a ‘coconut dance’.. to fresh fish caught on our lines prompting the ever joyous “Fish onnn!!”.  The crew became our friends and the overall cool vibes leave us with special memories. I wholeheartedly recommend this transformational travel experience, from those seeking the exploratory adrenaline rush, to those seeking a destination that has resisted globalization and is still in true form.  Thanks Nathan and Oceania, we shall be back for another epic ride through amazing PNG!!!”

Mike R – Singapore Private Adventure client

My wife and I had simply the best holiday adventure you can imagine in Papua New Guinea. That was largely due to the knowledge, skills and passion of Nathan. Having grown up in the country, he has an enormous passion for and understanding of the country and its people. Also, speaking the PNG language fluently means you are always a step ahead. Whether it be the crocodile tribesman emerging from their secret ritual or the unbelievable range of birds of paradise Nathan fixed it for us and always with the greatest sense of humour. Thank you Nathan and Felicity.”

 Hugo R-T – Private Adventure clients UK

“Thanks for all your help while organizing this amazing trip and the in destination support for our clients!”  “I am very proud of the good relationship and wonderful trip we have been able to put together in a destination that was completely unknown from our part.”

Plenia Travel – travel agency Spain

“It was a FABULOUS trip. Just so much fun! Real adventures along the way – suited us very well.The homestay at Tufi, the hike, Ku – was just an AMAZING experience all round. Something we’ll never forget. Raymond [Oceania Expeditions Highlands Guide] and his huge extended family are just amazing.”

Dave L – Private Adventure Clients UK

When planning our trip to Papua New Guinea, two things quickly became apparent: PNG is a very big, very diverse, very magical place and working with a top-notch tourism company was key to experiencing this remote and spectacular place. We spent 10 days exploring the islands in Milne Bay with Nathan and Oceania Expeditions and the experience was truly transformational. In addition to world-class fishing and diving, we spent time on remote uninhabited islands, bartered for vegetables on single-family islands, cooked freshly caught fish under the stars, and spent time with different remote communities. These experiences would not have been possible without Nathan and Oceania Expeditions. Having spent many years in PNG as a child before moving back to Australia, Nathan’s love for PNG, the people, the culture, the environment was contagious and he generously shared his knowledge of this very special place with us.

Andrew G – Private Adventure client Hong Kong

We knew our honeymoon was going to be special when we read the itinerary prepared by Nathan, what we didn’t know is how well we were going to be taken care of. Traveling to the other side of the world we expected there to be last minute changes or problems but we are happy to say there were few to none but when they did happen we didn’t call the travel agency, we were calling someone who from the planning stages felt like a friend!

Absolutely everything of our trip was amazing. We made new friends, met amazing people and cultures and made lifetime memories. Oceania Expeditions is not our first choice when we go back for more adventures to the South Pacific area, it’s our only choice!

David and Ana T – Private Adventure honeymoon clients Spain

In general, I have to say that working with Oceania Expeditions is always a pleasure. I have been involved in two trips with you so far, and I had a chance to interview a client about her trip. The clarity of your itineraries, the quality of the copies, and the precision of your operations are all remarkable. Nathan’s willingness to help and be flexible was outstanding, and thanks to him we were able to make some important adjustments within a tiny timeframe. I think your style of travel is spot on for the region, and I think the social responsibility you display is a great plus. As I’ve said before, you set a very high standard and I hope to be working with you soon in another project.

Blueflower Ltd – Travel agency Hong Kong)

Papua New Guinea has always been this far away land in my head that was filled with cannibals and a place one should take caution before travelling to.  Living in Singapore for 5yrs I avoided PNG but always had it in the back of my mind. Finally taking the plunge and booking a trip with Oceana Expeditions, I couldn’t have been more surprised by such a beautiful untouched country.   My 12 days in Papua New Guinea quickly became one of the best trips of my life. As soon as we arrived in Alotau we hopped across the bay to Waga Waga village to see the war canoes, that was truly an awesome experience. The people were warm and welcoming, they immediately included us in the festival and wanted to show us everything their village had to offer.  This would end up being the theme of the trip. On our 10 days on a privately chartered boat from Milne Bay, we were on sensory overload. The most pristine waters were filled with seemingly every reef fish imaginable. I’ve been diving for 10 years but this was by far the best I’ve seen. Each day was a new adventure diving with creatures I’ve only seen on television, visiting WWII wrecks, taking rides on local Massim sailing canoes that have been built the same way for thousands of years, slicing through the water with a huge smile on my face, visiting islands that made you feel like you were a true explorer visiting for the first time. Our guide Nathan managed to organize a local sing sing for us on the island of Mari that was performed by the local school children that might be the most authentic cultural experience I’ve had.  Every place we visited had some sort of adventure whether it be trading rice and sugar for lobster, hiking to find hidden lagoons, campfires under the milky way on deserted islands, or catching tuna and having a feast with the locals. This was truly a special trip and I can’t say thank you enough to Nathan and Oceana Expeditions. We set out for PNG looking for a little adventure and Oceania Expeditions took us on a journey of a lifetime. Cannot wait to get back and see what else there is to explore in this awesome country!”

Poul K – Private Adventure client USA
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