Let Oceania Expeditions take you on a crafted voyage through the breathtaking French colonies of the south seas. Your days exploring stunning landscapes and experiencing proud and diverse indigenous cultures begin with croissant’s and lattes and end with cheese platters and Kir Royales on the deck of your villa as the sun sets over the sea.

In the north of Grande Terre, New Caledonia, a thriving cowboy culture known as the Caldoche is another string to the bow of this always surprising destination. The caldoche was the local name given to the original French settlers to the region who started cattle farms now handed down through several generations. Here in the north-west can take a horseback ride across the rolling hills with sweeping vistas down to the ocean. An unforgettable way to spend a day.

Visit Vanuatu between April and June for your opportunity to witness one of the most spectacular and dangerous cultural activities practiced anywhere in the world on your visit to Pentecost Island for the Nagol Land Diving Festival. The precursor to bungee jumping, village men launch themselves of wooden towers 20 – 30 metres high with vines tied around their feet the only thing saving them from certain death. The practice is a form of worship to the earth, a successful jump from high with the shoulders and head brushing the soil ensures a bountiful yam harvest. The land diving festival is a joyous occasion accompanied by sing-sings, pantomime and theatrics. Oceania Expeditions has you right in the thick of it.

Relax, recharge, replenish and rejoice in the lap of French Polynesia, the most refined destination in the South Pacific. Venturing beyond the romance of Tahiti you’ll discover an array of ‘mana’ affirming activities beckoning. Hike into the densely forested mountainous interior of the islands, snorkel or dive among stunning reefs with sharks, manta rays and whales, or simply island hop with you most treasured companions, picnic to your heart’s delight and buy pearls straight from the farm to commemorate your stay.

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